Transform Your Designs into Reality with Our Expert CNC Bending Techniques

Harnessing the power of innovation, FeSix presents its CNC bending machine as a game-changer in shaping the future. Our expertise in bending is unmatched, ensuring exceptional structural integrity and unwavering dimensional accuracy in every final product.

With a remarkable capacity of up to 150 tons, a maximum bending length of 3200mm, and the ability to handle materials with a maximum thickness of 12mm, we are equipped to tackle a wide range of bending projects with precision and expertise.

FeSix opens doors to endless possibilities, where form and function intertwine seamlessly.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the proficiency of our skilled team, allows us to handle complex bending projects effortlessly.

  • We specialize in delivering superior quality results that meet the highest industry standards.
  • Whether you require simple bends or intricate folds, we have the knowledge, experience, and machinery to accommodate your specific requirements.
  • Our team understands the nuances of different materials and utilizes industry jargon to execute bending projects with precision and finesse.
  • Our metal bending/folding services provide exceptional versatility and flexibility, catering to various industries and applications.
  • From architectural components to industrial parts, we are capable of delivering outstanding results that align with your specifications.
  • With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that every bending project is meticulously executed, adhering to tight tolerances and maintaining the integrity of the material.
  • Our dedication to quality is reflected in our attention to detail, precise measurements, and the use of cutting-edge bending techniques.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

CNC bending offers several advantages, including high precision, repeatability, efficiency, and the ability to produce complex shapes and angles with minimal setup time.
The maximum thickness that can be bent using CNC bending depends on factors such as the material type and machine capabilities. At FeSix, we can handle materials up to 12mm thick.
The maximum bending length achievable with CNC bending depends on the specific machine and tooling used. At FeSix, we offer a maximum bending length of up to 3200mm.
Yes, CNC bending is highly versatile and can accommodate complex shapes and angles. With precise computer-controlled movements, it can produce intricate bends and multiple bending operations in a single setup.
CNC bending offers high accuracy and repeatability. At FeSix, we maintain tight tolerances to ensure that each bend meets the specified requirements with precision.